Brand Alerts for SEO: Growth Marketing Tips

Growth Hacking Tips: Week 2

Usually, you want to set up tracking for a couple of brand keywords including some usual typos.

For example, I track “Klaudio Fejzaj” but also “Claudio Fejzaj” since many would write my name with a ‘C’.

Brand Alerts for SEO

What you should keep an eye out for:

Your brand mentions

  • Has someone mentioned your brand?
  • Maybe a malicious website has copied your entire website? (happens quite often, unfortunately.)

How to implement

If someone has mentioned your brand name, you can try to convert that into a link.

If you don’t try, there are 0 chances for the link reclamation. If you try though, you might get that precious link 😉

[convertkit form=1930442]

Brand Alerts for SEO: Growth Marketing Tips

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