Where Do Your Users Hang Out?

This is how you improve on local SEO

In addition to the points mentioned here and here, what about reviews?

We all know how important reviews are, especially when you sell a product online.

But not all review systems are the same, sometimes you need to have more than one, and sometimes you just need the one.

Let me explain.

While having an independent review system such as Feefo or TrustPilot is a great idea (talking about Europe here), it doesn’t mean it’s the most beneficial or the most important review system to boost credibility and sales.

Yes, it will give you those review stars in the SERP but that not all.

Think: Where does your customer’s shopping journey start?

  • on a big local forum?
  • on a comparison website?

This was a case for a client of mine when we realized that what mattered the most, was being on that one specific comparison website.

Being there, made us look like locals, provided the reviews we needed, and acted as a customer acquisition channel.

and that our profile was fully optimized, you know:

  • Positive reviews
  • A lot of reviews
  • Great description
  • No grammar mistakes, and
  • Smart pricing strategy but this is a big topic I won’t cover here

Except for the fact that in our case this comparison website drove a lot of traffic, and traffic which converted, it was mandatory as people trusted that website and the reviews that other users were leaving there.

Takeaway: Find where people talk about your product, be seen and heard there.

That’s it.

I know these points are obvious and really basic but are so often overlooked.

Don’t take my word for it, implement it today, and see for yourself.

Where Do Your Users Hang Out?

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