International SEO and Local Adaption

international seo and local adaption

When International SEO  and local SEO meet, they create growth.

And here’s one tip to use as your advantage when entering a new market.

Speak the local’s language and become one of them

Can’t stress enough how critical it is that you know your market.

We as marketers have a lot of tools to analyze different aspects of a market, comb through numbers and data, and find things to optimize.

But there is a tool you cannot buy – knowing a market as local.

Here’s what this means.

Not all people are the same.

In my experience, I’ve found out that there are countries where customers love to call customer service to find out more about a specific product and/or service.

Or just to place an order.

And it doesn’t matter if you provide all the solutions on your website, or in the order confirmation email.

They will still call.

Because that’s how people are used to shopping online, and we’re not here to change that, but to use it to our advantage.

So use it. 


  • Make the phone more prominent on the website.
  • Showcase the real people behind the phone
  • Implement a green phone line maybe

There are so many opportunities to tap.

Then, in other countries, people could not care less about your phone line but they wanna know if you have reviews, such as Feefo, TrustPilot, eKomi, or you have a trust badge from an e-commerce association.

Use it as well. 

Prepare all the necessary steps so you can acquire the badge.

Then implement it on the website.

A/B test whether to add it on the top, bottom, or inside of the product pages.

If you want to dig deeper, here’s a research study from CXL.


Takeaway: Find what works best in your market. You should know more than a few things by experience as a customer and use that to your advantage.


International SEO and Local Adaption

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