International SEO: Mind the Grammar

International SEO: Mind the Grammar

I’ve seen so many companies, competitors, and non, doing this wrong and you’ve probably seen a few too.

Quick story: A long time ago, I started working in customer service in e-commerce and at the same time I started learning, and doing SEO. I grew our e-shop from the first day it launched to being the top e-shop in the country in a few months. And we are still the #1.

Here’s how.

One of the first things I got to do, is made sure that we are seen as locals in that country. Translate some things we have on other websites/languages and done.

It’s so easy, right?


Translating is one thing.

Adapting content to the local language, the way people talk and think, it’s completely different.

That’s how you win.

That’s how you grow.

It sounds so obvious but it plays a key role when you do international SEO and you don’t always have native speakers in your team, or worst, they are bad in grammar – and you cannot check.

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And it also happens with native speakers that are just bad at doing translations.

How can you build credibility when users see that you have bad grammar on your website, therefore how can your website be seen as professional and authoritative?

Takeaway: Adapt your copy to match the local language. Pay attention to your translation and always double-triple check the content’s grammar. If you can’t be a local, be seen as one.

International SEO: Mind the Grammar

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