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I'm Klaudio Fejzaj. Been working as an in-house SEO team leader for the past 5 years. On the side I run my own agency.

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This Is How We Work

  • Getting to know your business

    Deep analysis of your website. Then we benchmark it against your competition

  • Let the data speak

    Going through the data meticulously to find gems

  • Come up with a strategy

    Tackling all aspects: Technical SEO, UX and content creation.

  • Execute and measure

    Implementation of technical fixes with SEO recommendations

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Why work with an outside agency?

We’ve been there and done that. Worked as in-house SEO and content creators. And learnt the hard way that in companies with limited resources, content is more often ignored or set as the least priority - and that's a big mistake.

Besides, many of our clients struggle with what I call "being too close" to their business that can't see from the eyes of the customers. Because you understand your product, doesn't mean customers do too. And when sales and traffic take a hit, content is the last thing the management is looking to invest into - we're here to change that.

Klaudio Fejzaj


We are a small team of amazing people who love creating fascinating stories

Clients usually ask SEO agencies

No, not yet. We are a really small agency and clients we've worked with want to stay anonymous. But, you can check the case studies we've done on a few of our clients.

For as long as you have a business up and running. SEO is not a one-time thing and it keeps evolving. You need to stay on top of the game.

We'll ask you a lot of questions about your business so we can learn more about you and your competition. After, we'll start an audit and take it from there. Based on finding and experience we might suggest technical fixes, UX and structural amongst others.

It's tricky question because we need time to audit, evaluate and implement things so you can see results. That said, there's no fixed-term contract. There's no reason to bind a business by the contract if you are not satisfied and don't want to work with us anymore. The only thing we'll ask you is some feedback on your decision.

We use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to evaluate all the data points prior and after implementations to measure changes, that being gains or loses.

Yes, we take data very seriously. Anything you share, we'll literally take it to our grave. Nothing gets out. We also sign an NDA.

You maintain ownership of everything we did for you. This is also stated in our contract.


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