We are

A group of higly talented people

Are you an agency?

We are not your typical agency. We are just a small group of highly talented people aiming for the same goal - making the internet a better, optimized, place for users to enjoy browsing and shopping.

How many people work there?

That depends on the project size but the team consists of 3 people.

Where is your office?

Everywhere and nowhere. We work from our home, coffee shop or wherever we feel like - any time of the day or night.

But how come you don't have an office?

As long as we get things done, I put trust in my team to deliver the same or better results without being tied up to an office chair. Not only does this decrease our cost so we can provide better pricing for our services but it also makes everyone in the team, happier. There's an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review about remote working.

Who runs the show?

The person behind all this is Klaudio Fejzaj. He is a qualified cat owner with more than 5 years in SEO and Market Growth. His improvement proposals make CEOs and business owners uncomfortable but somehow he always manages to convince them and the results of his campaigns bring them big smiles and revenue.