Schema FAQ Generator

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JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code

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What is an FAQ?

Usually, a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions and answers on a particular topic.

What is FAQ schema markup?

FAQ schema markups are a standardized format for providing information in Microdata or JSON-LD.

Pages that are properly marked with FAQ structured data can be eligible to have a rich result on Google search.

Why should I implement Schema FAQ?

Implementing FAQ schema can potentially improve your impression count from the search results page and help to provide users better experience. Note that since you're serving the user all answers right on Google, it might redure CTR and users coming on your website.

Where is the FAQ code placed?

The code should placed within the HTML of a page, doesn't matter if it's high or low on the HTML code.

More on FAQPage on and Google's official documentation.