SEO Bookmarklets

Every day bookmarklets to speed up your SEO work.

What are Bookmarklets?

Chances are that you are not a begginer so I won't go much into details of what Bookmarklets are.

Bookmarklets are simply browser bookmarks that execute JavaScript in order to manipulate the current page. But since I'm not a developer and my JS skills are limited, you can read more on this freeCodeCamp article.

How to install

Creating or installing a bookmarklet is identical a regular bookmark, give it a Name that reminds you the function and in the URL field add the JavaScript code.

Three ways to create a bookmarklet.

creating a bookmarklet

This bookmarklet lets you do a site: search on the current website. You can find a complete guide on search operators and amend the following JS script as needed.

javascript: (function() { new Promise(setQuery => { var input = window.prompt('You\'re searching on the above site for:'); if (input) setQuery(input); }).then(query => {'"%27+query +%27"%27); }); })();

Shortcut: Drag this into your bookmarks bar 👉 Site search

Open the current URL in ahrefs

This ahrefs bookmarklet is one of my go-to for opening the current URL in the Site Explorer with an Exact URL match.' + location.pathname));

Shortcut: Drag this into your bookmarks bar 👉 Open in ahrefs

Open Google's cache Text-only version

This little gem allows you to see the current URL in Google's text-only cache version in order to see what a web page looked like the last time Google visited it.

javascript:(function()%7Bvar loc%3Dwindow.location%3Bif (window.location.protocol !%3D "https%3A")%7Bloc%3Dwindow.location.toString().replace(%2F%5Ehttp%3A%5C%2F%5C%2F%2F%2C'')%3B%7Delse%7Bloc%3Dwindow.location.toString().replace(%2F%5Ehttps%3A%5C%2F%5C%2F%2F%2C'') %2B '%26num%3D1%26strip%3D1%26vwsrc%3D0')%7D)()

Shortcut: Drag this into your bookmarks bar 👉 Google's cache

Open in Google Search Console

This shortcut lets you open the current URL in Google search console with a query breakdown. There are a few applied filters such as:


Shortcut: Drag this into your bookmarks bar 👉 Open in GSC